This is the planning stage for Dark Star Company, a Star Wars campaign in the making starting near the end of the Clone Wars.  

 Dark Star Company is a Republic special forces company under the command of the Jedi Master General Ram Kota, and based on the mobile headquarters of the Republic Cruiser Dark Star.  Their missions are varied, from diplomatic to military, with the elite command team consisting of Jedi and Non-Jedi (nobles, scoundrels, soldiers, etc.) officers, and a detatchment of clone troopers and non-clone crew, assigned to complete them as needed.  

The Clone Wars have dragged on, and Dark Star Company has grown under the tough-as-nails leadership of General Kota.  Dark Star Company has a well-earned reputation as the best of the best, thrown into strange situations across the galaxy by the whims of fate… or the will of the force!

Star Wars: Dark Star Company